A little about Children of Adam

Children of Adam is a fully registered charity based in Peterborough, it was founded by 4 individuals who are born and bred in Peterborough. We became fully registered with the charity commission of England and wales in August of 2013. Our first project was facilitating food to the rough sleepers and homeless people of Peterborough, it came as a surprise to us how busy we became with this project and how much of a need unfortunately there was and sadly still is out there, we have facilitated in handing out over 30,000 food parcels as well as clothing and bedding to those in need.

So what does Children of Adam aim to do?

  • Work With The Homeless By Facilitating In Handing Out Food, Clothes And Sleeping Bags.
  • To Be Able To Provide Water And Sanitation Facilities In Water Deficient And Drought Stricken Areas This Includes Hand Pumps, Bore Holes.
  • To Provide Basic Food And Shelter Provisions For Widows, Orphans And Families In Need.
  • To Sponsor Orphans And Widows To Support Their Physical And Spiritual And Well – Being.
  • To Provide Sponsorship Of Families Affected By Conflicts And Natural Disasters.
  • Provide Relief And Funds Towards Reconstruction Of Homes And Temporary Shelters.
  • To Establish Medical And Rehabilitation Clinics For Victims Of War And Oppression.
  • To Establish Self Sustaining Projects (SSP) To Provide The Means For A Better Livelihood.
  • All Funds Donated Are Strictly Used For Specified Projects, Ensuring Funds Reach The Correct Recipients.
  •  All Our Oversea Projects Are Carried Out In Partnership With Other UK Registered Charities. We Are Fully Registered With The Charity Commission , Our Charity Number Is 1153244