Animal Sadaqah / Aqeeqah

At Children of Adam we are now offering you a chance to complete your Animal sacrifice as sadaqah and help feed the poor.

A sadaqah sacrifice is a voluntary sacrifice performed for the sake of Allah SWT either on one’s own behalf or someone else’s.

This is the same as one offers Qurbani in the blessed days of Hajj, but with this the only difference being that this is not an obligatory act. The rewards are the same and the benefits include feeding the poor.

In addition to it being a sunnah of the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has said that the person making such a sacrifice receives a reward equal to every hair of the sacrificed animal.

Insha’Allah your animal sacrifice will be carried out in Malawi with the meat being cooked and then distributed amongst the poor girl students at a school in Malawi.

The cost of one Goat currently is £50

Please do donate and help feed those in need.


We also now can provide an Aqeeqah service (sacrifice in gratitude at the birth of a child)

For more information on Aqeeqah please visit the link below,





“Whoever slaughters his animal for sacrifice with a satisfied heart hoping rewards from Allah; this will save him/her from the hell fire."


(May Allah be pleased with them)