Kerala Flood Relief

Its not uncommon for Kerala to experience some sort of flooding during the monsoon seasons. However, with an
increase of 250% rainfall in a week, water levels have continued to rise resulting in Kerala
to witness its worst ever flood.

The flood has displaced over a million people, destroyed over fifty thousand homes
and over a hundred thousand acres of crops.

More than four thousand relief camps have been set up, with the focus turned to
preventing outbreaks of water-borne diseases. Sadly over four hundred people have lost their lives since the Monsoon season began.

Electricity has been cut and there is a severe lack of food and medicine. Families
await for relief. While some are living off basic provisions, others do not even have

Rescue operations are currently taking place using helicopters and boats to reach
those that are isolated. Those rescued are placed in relief camps.

Children of Adam are asking you to please donate towards emergency parcels to those affected by the flooding as there is a lack of sufficient food and sanitation products.

For only £25 you can provide a family with an emergency pack which contains food and hygiene essentials, your kind donation could assist a family in time of need, please give what you can.


Prophet (peace be upon him) “Whoever helps his brother in his time of need, Allah will be there in his time of need.”

Sahih Muslim

(May Allah be pleased with them)