Fundraise for Children of Adam


The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who practices that good action.” [Reported by Imam Muslim]

Children of Adam is reaching out to you to help us fundraise for all our projects, Firstly, remember that you as a supporter make the best fundraisers, without you there would be no donations and no projects!

So how can i help ?

Its very simple, we at Children of Adam have set up a page via BTdonate to enable you to start fundraising straight away, it only takes five minutes to set up

* It’s quick, easy and simple to set up
* You can Personalize your appeal, for instance including your own message and updating the page as your fundraising progresses
* You can even Ask family and friends overseas to donate as well
* No headache of dealing with cash and cheques – money is transferred securely and quickly
* It’s available to everyone, so you could even be raising money from people you’ve never met!

What can i do as a fundraiser ?

The possibilities are endless, from climbing mountains to sponsored walks and runs to cake sales to washing your parents car, it all depends on what you can think of and how you can get people to support you, for more fundraising ideas please follow this link,

Fundraising ideas

So how do i start fundraising ?

Its a very simple process, follow the link below and start helping those in need.

Start fundraising